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Do you generate lots of leads to your WhatsApp but you kept on losing them and losing your sales because you couldn’t save their contacts on your smartphone?

I have a Good News for you!

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Imagine Automating your WhatsApp to help you reply all your messages and automatically save thousands of contacts even while you sleep without you having to touch your smartphone.

Imagine Automatically saving people’s contacts with their REAL NAME as they come to your WhatsApp DM probably from your ads or getting them organically for the first time.

Imagine an Automation that directs and control your prospects when they refuses to follow instructions.

Amazing Right?

The WhatsApp Automated System is well detailed course that would teach you how to fully automate your WhatsApp which you save you from manually saving your prospect’s contacts and attenting to them without your intervention.

My Dear friend, it’s no more a news that lead generation is the Life Wire of every businesses either a physical business or an online businesses.

And do you also know that generating leads is not enough because it’s another thing to save the contacts on those leads because if you don’t save their contacts, there no way you would be able to follow them up even if they refused to buy what you are selling the first thing they came to you.

That is the main reason why the WhatsApp Automated System has been created for you not to continue losing them.

📚What To Learn In This Course📚

How to setup the Automation to save new contacts that comes to your DM with a random message.

How to setup the Automation to capture and save a new contact that comes into your DM through a customized link that has a customized message that you created.

How to setup the Automation on your device to make it work for 24hrs non-stop.

How to segment your Automation for your for the new contact that comes to your DM with a customized message to know where exactly he or she is coming from.

How to create an error detector that will query your new contact if he or she refuses to follow simple Instructions.

How to import your Autoresponder rules.

Access to my ready made automation rules templates.

Access to the 24hrs support groups where you share any issues and ask your questions which you have regardimg the course.

• How to Automate your WhatsApp Catalogue to help you make Sales on Autopilot.

5 most powerful ways to increase your WhatsApp status views in no time.

Below Is A Full Package Of The Course


🎯 Who is this course for ?

If you are Digital marketer, Affiliate Marketer and internet Marketer.

If you are a WhatsApp marketer that generates a lot of leads to your WhatsApp daily.

If are sales person that wants to fully automate your WhatsApp.

Business owners who makes use of WhatsApp everyday for their business.

WhatsApp enthusiasts who want to optimize their contact management experience.

Business professionals seeking to enhance their productivity and organization on WhatsApp.

Individuals who frequently interact with new contacts and want to automate the process of saving them.

Below are proofs of how the Automation has helped me and other people.

So Adeyemo How Much Does All These Cost 🤔?

The Truth Is, It Is Not For EVERYONE.

So, answer these
How much is it worth to never worry about dealing with manually saving of contacts?

How much is the freedom to be away from your phone doing other relevant things?

What will you give to have control over your
WhatsApp marketing?

I know you are beginning to ask your the above question but don’t worry, I have got you covered.

I know it is hard to get money.

But now I have decided to give out the course for just ₦10,000 which is 90% Off.

With that amount I think I am fair with the price comparing it to what you would be getting in the course and not just that, you would also be getting to Facebook Ads Course.


Worth ₦15,000

Get All For ₦10,000 Instead Of ₦100,000


Wori Miracle

“I want to say a big thank you to ADEYEMO OLUWASEYI for his tech brain.

He’s so brainy when it comes to tech, i doubted him at first but finally i believe him. I’ve always been saving peoeple’s contacts manually before i knew him, but now, new contacts are being saved automatically on my device without me having to touch my smartphone. I recommend him.”

Digital Marketer

Anita Ginika

“Honestly I am super excited about this WhatsApp Automation.

I don’t regret getting the course from you, it’s full of values. Do you know that I have been busy throughout today and when I checked my phone, every messages were replied automatically and all contacts were also saved automatically. Thanks alot Adeyemo Oluwaseyi.

CEO At Havilah Tech

Josual Oghenetejiri

“Wow, for the past few months I’ve been struggling with getting to save contact’s manually

Because as we all know it’s hell stressful

But thanks to Adeyemo Oluwaseyi and his Whatsapp automation I’ve been able to seat back, relax and watch all my contacts been saved automatically”

Digital Marketer

Who Am I ?

I’m Adeyemo


Digital Marketer, Affiliate Marketer.

I’m a Digital Marketer, Affiliate Marketer. I help other people sell their products and earn a commission for doing so.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: Does the Automation work with iOS devices?

No please, the Automation doesn’t work on any iOS devices, it only works on Android devices.

2: Does the Automation work for all android?

Yes the Automation work for all android devices provided the device has NOTIFICATION ACCESS. That means it doesn’t work on any android devices that doesn’t have NOTIFICATION ACCESS.

3: Is it a subscription based WhatsApp Automation?

No please, this is not a subscription WhatsApp Automation, with just a one time payment, you will get a lifetime access to the Automation.

4: Is it a cloud based WhatsApp Automation?

No, this is not a cloud based WhatsApp Automation, this is an automation on your phone which only requires some android applications with coded files that needs to be plugged in for it to start working.

5: How do I know if my android device has NOTIFICATION ACCESS or not?

To know if your android device has NOTIFICATION ACCESS or not, kindly go to your phone settings ad search for the exact phrase NOTIFICATION ACCESS.

If you get a response like NOT FOUND, this means that the feature is not available on your device. As a result of this, no Autoresponder would work on that particular android device.

However, if you eventually searched for it and found it appears, that means the feature is available on your android device and all Autoresponder app will work on that phone.

Basically, only few android devices don’t have the NOTIFICATION ACCESS feature. The chance that your android device would have the NOTIFICATION ACCESS is very high and that means the WhatsApp Automated Robot would also work on your phone.

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