Sell it HARD!

When we believe in your product, we sell it and we sell it hard. We are Minters of Africa!

Who are we?

MINTERPREM is a digital marketplace that connects buyers of digital and physical products to vendors through our professionally trained and productive affiliates.

Minterprem was launched in March 23rd , 2023 amidst the current economical crisis, money scarcity and unemployment going on in Nigeria and other African Countries, with the aim to help young people acquire various digital skills and thrive independently to blast at the comfort of their home.

Minterprem is revolutionalizing the e-commerce of Africa.


Digital & Physical Products

We support the sales and Fulfillment of Physical products powered by our cutting edge ecommerce solutions.


Support African Countries

We reduced the restrictions Africans face by helping young Africans make money online in a legitimate way.


Payout in REAL Dollars

We settle our affiliates in real dollars or your local currency equivalence. Our payouts is FAST and TRANSPARENT

Become an Affiliate

  • Learn how to Sell.
  • Choose from a Variety of winning physical and digital products
  • Earn commissions as much as 50% for each sale
  • Get paid in dollars
  • Choose a plan that you prefer.
  • Submit your product for review. Get approved
  • Leave the promotion to our productive affiliates.
  • Monitor sales
  • Get paid your earnings and focus on building products.

Become a Vendor

Our Happy Minters!

I don’t regret using Minterprem.



Minterprem came just in time…Looking for a solution like this that allows me as a Ghanaian to easily sell online.



Thank you for lifting me out of the shackles of poverty, Minterprem.




Frequently Asked Questions.

Anyone as long as you have a smart phone.

Yes! In fact, Minterprem supports the sales of  digital and physical products alike through our Fulfilment By Minterprem (FBM) Program.

Join other Minters to sell Shamelessly!

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