Video editing

Video editing

Did you know that:

– Videos generate organic traffic, enhance lead generation, conversions, and sales.

– Videos are efficient in saving time and expenses while fostering trust and brand recognition.

– An overwhelming 84% of consumers report making purchases influenced by video content.

– A staggering 90% of individuals find videos instrumental in guiding their purchase decisions.

– The majority, or 80%, believe that integrating videos into sales and landing pages can skyrocket conversions by up to 80%.

Learn how to create and edit compelling videos seamlessly using just your smartphone.

No matter your smartphone’s operating system-be it Android, iOS, or any other-you’re all set to go.


Video Editing Program for Smartphones (VEPS)

This program is designed to help you get started right now

Even if

Videos remain unparalleled in their ability to effectively convey messages in a professional and distinctive manner.

What’s truly remarkable is the ease with which stunning videos can be created within minutes using just your smartphone (Android, iOS, etc.)

Hello there,

I’m Olusamokun Abdulmubdi. Founder and CEO, Role Model Digital World.

As a skilled video editor, I bring innovative concepts and a distinct approach to visual storytelling. Over the years, I’ve dedicated myself to refining my professional and technical abilities, resulting in an exceptional level of creativity in video editing.

This groundbreaking program unveils a straightforward path to becoming a highly sought-after creative professional in video editing.

If you’re seeking to create attention-grabbing videos, this program is perfect for you.

This is 2024, if you’re equipped with a smartphone and internet access, falling behind due to lack of digital skills is simply not an option.

Fear not, as I bring good news: Rather than lamenting the escalating prices of essential items, focus on acquiring the means to afford them.

I’m thrilled to announce that video editing presents an incredibly lucrative opportunity, with the potential to earn ₦100,000 monthly, even on a part-time basis.

In the digital landscape, mastering this skill is paramount for anyone looking to promote their business effectively, and it’s in high demand within the gig economy.

As a freelancer, you can thrive on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, commanding a comfortable income in dollars.

Below is the cost to hire video editor on Upwork. This fact is from Upwork itself.

Before I go on, I need to show what my clients are saying about the videos I created

Here’s an “amazed” client of mine

This is another client

Kamila commented. She meant ‘the voiceover’

I’ve been fortunate enough to receive abundant feedback from satisfied clients.

Whether you’re an intermediate or just starting out, this program features easy-to-use tools in crafting exceptional videos in no time.

It is designed to equip you with the skills and versatility of a proficient video editor, enabling you to produce compelling visual content that fosters engagement, conversion, and growth.

Who is this program for?

If you’re one of these people listed above, envision your future progress in just a few months…

You’ll transform into a versatile, proficient, and highly sought-after video editor, adept at crafting impactful visual contents that fuel engagement, conversions, and growth.

I aim to provide you with the optimal path to begin and thrive.

I’ve meticulously broken down the process into easily understandable steps.

Everything is encapsulated in what I refer to as…

Video Editing Program for Smartphones (VEPS)

There are four sections in this program

Section 1:

Basic Section (Value: ₦35,000)

Below are the lessons in this section:

  • Introduction to Video Creation and Editing
  • Fundamentals of Video Creation and Editing
  • Introduction to Video Creation and Editing Software and Applications
  • How to edit videos with your smartphone
  • How to create advert video
  • How to add background sound or music to your video
  • How to add text to your video
  • How to animate texts
  • How to create intro logo animation
  • How to create outro
  • How to record your own video
  • How to subtitle your video

Section 2:

Advanced Section (Value: ₦55,000)

Below are the lessons in this section:

  • How to create HD intro logo animation
  • How to create professional-quality videos for social media, brands, products, YouTube, or websites
  • How to create typography video
  • How to create cartoon animation
  • How to create text masking intro
  • How to create cinematic intro video
  • How to create Audiogram
  • How to create slides and make presentations while showing your face in the video. You can decide not to show your face
  • How to use the keyframe tool
  • How to use the mask tool
  • How to make transitions
  • How to compress a video without losing its quality
  • How to add voiceover to your video
  • How to silence any sound in your video
  • How to reveal text as you walk
  • How to blur the background of a video
  • How to add echo to your recorded audio
  • How to act different characters with your voice
  • How to insert a video into a smartphone frame or other frames
  • How to clone yourself in a video (turn yourself into two or more and speak with yourself in a video)
  • How to remove watermark from a video without paying a dime
  • How to remove the background of a video and how to add any background of your choice
  • How to automatically generate voiceovers in British accent, American accent, Arabian accent, Tanzanian accent and many more
  • How to create Video Sales Letter (VSL)
  • How to turn a video to black and white
  • How to make a picture talk using AI
  • How to convert flyer to video
  • How to use AI to create videos
  • How to never run out of ideas

After learning these lessons, you’ll also be able to edit videos for content creators and comedians and they’ll pay a good amount of money.

Below are some of the videos I’ve created and edited

Play Video


Recognizing the common struggle newcomers encounter in translating their skills into income, I’ve made a deliberate choice to incorporate a third section focused solely on skills monetisation in this program.

Section 3:

Skills Monetisation; (Value: ₦12,000)

Below are the lessons in the module:

  • How to create your portfolio
  • How to get clients
  • How to offer your services
  • How to teach people

If you’ve been attentive up to this juncture, you understand that the value of this course exceeds ₦100,000.

However, I’m committed to ensuring affordability. You won’t be charged that amount, not even half of it.

Before I disclose the precise price, take a look at my mentorship group. My students are doing well.

The VEPS is going for a one-time payment of


No additional cost, even as updates are made.

After mastering these skills and putting them into practice, you’ll undoubtedly see returns far beyond your investment.

Location is no obstacle to accessing this program—whether you reside in Africa or elsewhere, it’s available to you.

This course offers materials in both video and written formats for comprehensive learning.

I’m certain this course stands out as the most clear, unique, and affordable option online.

Upon finishing, you’ll receive a certificate, which is one of the keys to a successful career.

You have three options right now

Option 1: You can choose to ignore this, no problem.

However, it’s important to recognize that time waits for no one, and seizing the present moment is essential.

Avoid becoming someone who looks back with regret in a few months’ time.

While you may choose to ignore this, ensure you have a solid plan in place, or else be ready to confront the consequence that comes with missed opportunities.

Option 2: You can choose to procrastinate and come back later when the access fee to this program has increased to ₦15,000.

A new set of video editors would have risen but you won’t be part of them, because while they were taking action, you were procrastinating and giving excuses.

Option 3: : Seize this opportunity and master the art of video editing.

If you opt for the third option, I have exclusive bonuses available for you immediately.

These bonuses are only accessible if you seize this opportunity now, because there is a limit to the number of people I want to give this to.

Designed to enhance your learning experience and boost your earning potential, these bonuses are powerful tools to support your journey

Section 4:

Fantastic Bonuses (Value: ₦30,000)

BONUS 1: How to Earn $500 Monthly

I call this the MONEY MACHINE BONUS, you wouldn’t want to miss it. With combination of several skills, including but not limited to video editing, you can earn six figures monthly. In program, I’ll show you how.

BONUS 2: Premium Resources

As a video editor, you need resources. And sometimes, trying to get resources from the internet is complicated so I have compiled 1500+ resources that would help you in your journey.

BONUS 3: Powerful and Helpful E-books

Some of the best e-books that would help you on video editing, and selling your skills and will help you see results as quickly as possible.

BONUS 4: Access to Mentorship and Support Community

A community where corrections would be made to your contents. One of the things that help people accelerate their growth is having a community of like-minded individuals. With this, you’ll never be stuck as you’ll always have the information you need. Challenges would also be created to boost your abilities and winners will surely get rewarded.

BONUS 5: Website Creation

Build simple, free, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything.

BONUS 6: E-book Creation Course

Learn how to create e-books, e-book cover, and even how to setup and receive payments internationally for your books or any product. This is a course on its own and there are some bonuses attached to it but you’ll get everything as a bonus here.

BONUS 7: Business Professional Tools

These are Pro Tools that’ll make running your business easier: Inshot Pro, Benime Pro and other Pro Tools.

BONUS 8: Graphic Design

You’ll learn how to design attractive logos and eye catching flyers with your smartphone

Below is the review of what you’re getting for just ₦10,000



-AND FANTASTIC BONUSES (which includes mentorship, graphic design, premium resources, pro tools, etc).

Act now with 10,000. Tomorrow, you might find the price raised to ₦15,000

See you on the other side,

Olusamokun Abdulmubdi.

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