When one achieves mastery, the enduring responsibility of giving to society becomes a necessity…

Which is why…

I, Stephen, a seasoned meta-ads expert, have finally decided to 'give back to society' by showing:

The step-by-step recipe to turn an "I don't know much" advertiser into a "My brand can handle this" Digital Marketer

...especially if you have little or no knowledge about paid advertising.

Do you ever wonder, "Why the fuss about Facebook ads?"

"Like, why are there so many people complaining about it, but at the same time they won't just leave it alone?"

Unfortunately, no matter how bad Facebook gets, it still somehow manages to remain the king of all other advertising media.

And here's why:

  • It's the most affordable advertising platform

  • It has the best targeting options.. making it easier to reach your exact customer or lead.

  • Largest audience size (~2.9 billion active users)

There's so much more.. but these three are most important to small business owners like yourself and I.

Now with that said.. why do you think a lot of people still hate or get scared of advertising there?


As someone who had moved smoothly from this:

To that..

.. I had to craft out a perfect way to share my journey with the world - YOU!

Here's the plan - and what birthed it:

October 2021.. I bought my first online course..

Was it a good course? Yes
DId I enjoy it? No
I forced myself to watch it.. some nights.. with heavy (sleepy feat. teary) eyes..

  • It was boring and each video lasted for about 2 - 3 hours.. when it's not John wick I'm watching!

As an overly disciplined person.. I eventually watched the entire course.. over 20 videos.

Fast forward to February 2022..
I got my second online course and first Facebook ad course.

  • Video length: Max 30 mins.. (Amazing!)
  • Added support group.. (My first support group)

Quite sooner than expected.. the support group turned to my source of depression.

Every now and then people would come to showcase their amazing result "I just generated 2000 leads in 2 minutes" blah blah.

This happened so much that I had to archive the group to protect my mental health.. haha

Then one day - June 2022..

For no reason in particular.. I decided to check back at the group.

Then I see this "guru" who went about doing good.. solving all everyone's problems and answering any kind of questions..

So I sent him a dm: "please can you help me run my ads"

(Now the painful part)..

The campaign failed.. woefullly!

But think of this: "If Cinderella's shoes were magical and made to fit perfectly, why then did they fall off" - which means: some bad things are meant to happen.. so they give birth to great things.

My ads guy served me breakfast.. now I had to learn to do this shit on my own!

Unfortunately.. I was extremely broke.. so I couldn't pay graphic designers for designs I needed for my ads... nor pay a website builder to help me build a page.. or even a video editor to help me edit any video for my ad.

And I can still remember myself drowning in my own thoughts by the side of my bed: so I have to do all these on my own?

And so it grinneddddd!!

September 2022 (freaking 7 months later!).. drum rolls please..


I was scared.. nervous.. unsure of myself.. so I charged him N3,000 for the job.

Inside that 3k.. I handled his graphic design.. managed his page.. wrote his copy.. ran and
managed his ad.. hey God!

The process didn't matter.. what mattered was the result the client got.

One happy client grew to 2 and then 3 and then 4..

And in 3 weeks.. I had made ₦54k from my skill.. I was in awe.. I couldn't scream loud enough!

December 2022..
Cos of course I had to improve my skill..

I bought another Facebook Ads course.. (my fav course yet).

  • It had no support group..
  • The videos were short..
  • It was a recorded live session.. so it was fun watching..

All these things made my learning experience very smooth.. helped me to achieve my goal.. and implement what I learnt.. most effectively

February 2023..
I got another Facebook Ads course..

  • Didn't like it much..
  • The videos were just - 'a guy sitting and talking to his laptop
  • It had a support group that was dead.
  • The course was created in 2022.. most of what was taught in it was outdated (Facebook upgrades their systems a lot)

By this time..

I had attained some level of expertise in the field.

And as you know.. by default you'll have people who wish to learn from you.. send you a dm every single day!

I'd always respond with "I do it, I don't teach it".

It felt wicked.. I was called stingy.. like this guy right here ⤵

After several thoughts and heartbreaks.. I had to do something.. and asap!

Keeping in mind all the aches from courses…
I thought: "How do I transfer my knowledge in a way that's most valuable to my audience?"

I then made a list of course aches and possible solutions to them.. ⤵️


A dead support group kills the spirit of the students..While it could be a source of inspiration for many.. it could be a source of depression for a lot more.

I do without the support group.. no matter how many students I get.. I respond to each one personally..
This would help me build a personal relationship with everyone one of my students and also build confidence in them to ask questions where they need help.

I make myself as accessible as possible.. on all social media platforms available


I create a program that I can constantly update at least once a year..This way.. I keep the lessons evergreen.

I host a live session where I teach a small group of people everything there is to know about Facebook and Instagram advertising.. I record these sessions and then I turn them into course contents..

365 days later.. I host another session.. and then I replace the new lessons with the old course content.

Amazing right?

Lengthy videos.. will.. by default.. get boring with time..

But one way to get rid of this is to keep them interesting and engaging..

  • I've seen a 4 hours timed movie before
  • I've also attended a webinar that lasted for 2 hours
  • I've been in a twitter live session that lasted more than 7 hours..

Why? Because they were all engaging!

I host a live training and record the sessions for the course.. in this I have people as questions interact and engage.. this kills the pain of having to watch me talk to my pc for 2 hours.

Although the training will last for long hours.. they will be cut into tiny bits for the course content.

There are several other aches that come with courses.. like: bad hosting platforms, real time questions etc..

Be sure that no matter what it is.. in the course of the 9 months I dedicated to planning this.. I have thought of a way to solve it.

Now introducing to you..

Where you will learn, the basic, intermediate and expert lessons you need to stand out in the digital marketing space

Here's what's included:

  • Materials for learning worth N290,000 - these include pdfs.. documents.. link to tweets.. link to YouTube videos.. etc (basically anything that had aided my journey to greatness)
  • Effective audience researching strategies - 83% of Facebook advertisers have a targeting problem.. I don't want you to.. so I'll be showing you every existing method I use in fishing out my audience.
  • Client Acquisition and Retention - it's possible to be a guru but still struggle to get clients.. I want to save you that. The methods that will be taught here.. if applied.. can help you get clients for your other businesses (if you have). And Not just how to get these clients.. but also how to retain them.. how to make them keep coming back to you.
  • How to monetize your skill - A lot of Facebook experts are broke. I will teach you exactly how I made enough money from this skill and how you can too.
  • Introduction to Web designing, Copywriting and Graphic Designing - The main goal of this program is to take you to 'agency owner level'... this can only be possible if you have fully acquired all the necessary skill sets to make this journey smooth.
  • How to effectively use AI to make things easier - AI is the future. I have instilled the use of AI in almost every step of my ads setup process.. it has also helped me 10x my results and deliver better. I will show you how you too can achieve this.
  • Certificate on completion - Certificates are a symbol of achievements.. you will get one once the training is over.
  • 365 days Intensive Coaching - The digital space is a very challenging one.. I went through it alone.. and now you don't have to. Due to the fact that this training has been programmed to refresh once every year.. I'd be forced to move my focus to the new set of student each year.
  • Monthly Live Coaching Sessions - We would have at least 1 live session every month.. this is where I get to teach you new updates on Facebook.. where you can ask questions about challenges etc.
  • And so much more..

Above all.. please keep in mind that the primary goal of this training is to increase your income.. whether it's through acquiring more leads/customers for your business.. Which can lead to increased sales..
… or by helping you in generating additional income by running ads for business owners.

With that said.. if youre seeing this page now..

That just means the live training sessions have been done and dusted.

And here is how it went.. and how you will have it:


  • Why Facebook Ads
  • Advertising Terminologies
  • Categorizing Ads
  • Lead Magnet to Magnet your Leads
  • Getting your Ad Creatives Ready
  • Understanding Ad Interface


  • Studying Competitors
  • Most Efficient Audience Research Strategy
  • Audience Setup
  • Staying Safe on Facebook
  • Setting Up Ads with your Smartphone


  • Running Engagement Ads
  • The best Lead Gen Ads Setup Strategy
  • The New way to Create Facebook Dataset and Event Installation


  • Lead Gen Ads to Website
  • Setting up Direct Sales Ads
  • How to Track and Scale your Ads
  • Most Effective Testing Strategies
  • How to Set up Retargeting Ads


  • Graphics Design
  • Funnel building and Website Design by Vincent Otito


  • Copywriting by Vincent Otito
  • Client Acquisition by Joseph Gbadamosi
  • FAQ Session

And inside all of these.. there are numerous lessons to be learnt.

And Now! Here's how you can get this course

Like I said earlier.. the live training for this is over.

Now I understand the fact that this is likely not your first course.

Maybe not your second or the third one either.

So it's normal for you to be skeptical about another course promising heaven and earth..

Like Habiba said before registration

But then, just after the 1st week of training.. she had trusted me fully.

And every single day after each session.. she drops her daily dose of "thank you for the class"

Even though I'm not going to use Habiba as a yardstick for you..

I strongly believe that if you do everything thats taught in this training.. All the promises I've made to you concerning this.. will become a reality.

Now deep down I know that if you've read till this point..

Then I have successfully killed 90% of the resistance in you to get this program.

The price holds the last 10%.

No bullshiting around! You can get this right now for just

In a couple months from now.. it will sell for ₦40,000 and will remain there till bootcamp 2.0.

Once you make payment for this, an email will be sent to you as your receipt of payment and then another email which would carry the link to the course and any extra info

You would also have immediate access to me on whatsapp.


This course is designed to change you by helping you increase sales in your business and primarily - upgrade your finances.

You could choose to leave this page now and check back in a couple months and then you pay higher for the exact same value.. or you can click the button below to proceed to the payment page.


The structure of this course is going to be the first of its kind.

And it was especially created with YOU in mind… To give you the best learning experience you've ever had..

While giving you the most value for any course you've ever or will ever have.


My name is Etukudo Stephen - A digital Marketer. I specialize in scaling/growing businesses to 7&8 figures through social media marketing campaigns.

Been in the digital marketing space for 3 years+.. niched down to advertising in July 2022.

Amongst countless success stories.. I've also recorded many failures.. but these failures have been my building blocks to where I am now and where I will eventually be.

June 2023.. I launched my advertising Agency - SETAA (Stephen Etukudo Advertising Agency). I'm also co-brand head at The Marketing Jedi and Head of Advertising at REMAG

And then your top boys have said about me:

Fun fact
I get really good at anything I do!
A lot of people say I'm weird.. in a lot of ways.. haha

But I love to think of it as "I am wired differently".. this affects the way I plan things.. see things or even react to things.

I don't love food.. I just eat it.. food is either sweet or bitter.. there's nothing like "not sweet to me" - very weird.. I know

I'm smart.. very smart.. which happens to be my biggest flex.

I have an excellent sense of humor 💀

Alright enough of the brouhaha

Etukudo Stephen © 2023

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