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You'd wish you saw this before now AND you might find it hard to believe.....

In Today's World, Do You Know That Just Having Computer Skills Automatically & Instantly Gives You An Unfair Advantage Anywhere You Go On Earth?

Nigerians call it "Ojoro"

Its the kind of unfair advantage that makes someone think you are using "juju" and envy you for it

Want to Know Why?

Because technology has now become a part of our lives that almost everything is done using computers

So anyone with computer skills automatically gets accepted almost every single time

And on the other hand, those without it are left to ROAST

But There's a BIG PROBLEM......

Recently, a new global report revealed that only a tiny 30% of the world's population currently have access to this unfair advantage

With a gun to your head, can you openly and boldly swear that you have a chance in the top tiny 30%?


How Would You Feel If You Loose A Golden Opportunity Right Now ONLY Because You Don't Have Computer Skills?

Imagine this opportunity was a guarantee to help you make more money, gain a promotion in your workplace, land a new job, pass an exam, qualify for a scholarship or even win a new business contract...

...slipping away right before your eyes simply because of something as little as computer skills....

How would that make you feel? Imagine it right now....

....angry, disappointed, frustrated, embarrassed?

Wait!...Don't answer yet....

Let me tell you my heartbreaking, shocking and painful story in a second.....

Some years ago, I was in a desperate need of money

It was so pressing and urgent that it couldn't wait

But sadly, I had no idea how to raise the money

So I reached out to my neighbour to help me out

And on this fateful morning, we went on a job hunt

Praying and hoping we find one

It was haaaarrrrd

All the places we checked were not ready to employ someone

Then finally, we met this woman who was willing to take me in

But all of a sudden and when I thought I had gotten a job, she threw me a bomb blast:

"Are you good on Microsoft Excel to keep record and calculate with?"

Oh Sh*t! I didn't expect that

My heart was already racing faster than Usain Bolt

At that time, I wasn't (Incase you don't know, Microsoft Excel is a software people use for data entry, calculations and record keeping)

So I was sincere & told her

And as little as it was, that was the end of it for me

Because she was looking for someone who could

....She Instantly Screwed Up My Joy!...

I immediately felt embarrassed, disgraced and rejected!

I was in agony

"You should have lied to her ealier", you may think

But either way, she'd still discover and fire me straight away without looking back

So this taught me a bitter lesson

And at the same time, I realized that computer skills are a must have because of the current world we live in

Then something else happened

Not too long after that, I sat my a$$ down

To master all the computer skills I could think of

Including that same Microsoft Excel

Guess what that did to me.....

I landed 2 different jobs at different times

In less than 18 months

It still feels like a dream!

Okutepa Abdul

Kingsley is something else when it comes to computer knowledge!

Awi George

This is not a deliberate exaggeration but when it comes to tech & digital skills, Kingsley is excellent at it...

Aaron Ngbede

Kingsley's computer knowledge is outstanding and mind blowing!

You should add computer to your names ("Kingsley Computer Odigiri")

But above all, his credibility is one of a kind and the way he takes his time to teach is amazing.

Keep up the good work bro!

Sokabi Oluwaseun

Kingsley, your computer skills are truly impressive!

Favour Inwang

When it comes to digital and tech skills, Kingsley is the right man for the job...

James Godwin

Kingsley is an inspiration for someone to learn computer skills. He's inspiring and relentless...

Ademola Ameen

Kingsley is my man but honestly when it comes to computer skills, he is a literal TECH WIZ..

Egbe Isaiah

Your wealth of knowledge about computer is motivating! I celebrate you...

Alfred Ejugwu

Its great to have someone with fresh ideas and perspectives like you. Your computer skills are really valuable!

Hi, I'm Kingsley

After being in the industry for over 8 years and counting, allow me show you....

How To EASILY Turn Yourself Into A Super Computer-Skilled Being In 28 Days OR LESS (No Matter Your Current Knowledge) And Become Extra-Ordinary

So You Never Have To Experience What It Feels Like To Loose Any Golden Opportunity Ever Again - IT DOESN'T MATTER If You've Ever Touched A Keyboard Before Or Not


  • A student

  • A graduate looking forward to land a new job

  • An employee who might get a promotion soon

  • A business person

  • Looking to level up your skill and charge more/better for your services

  • Looking to learn and monetize your computer/tech skills

Have you already pictured how it'd be when you finally become a Super Computer Guru through this program?

Think about it...

At last, you would be able to walk into anywhere with an unshakable confidence because you have become so skilled and valuable

That your head might just begin to swell with pride (in a healthy way)

Or you can finally do your computer-related projects yourself to your satisfaction and in a way that you are most happy with

Without giving someone else a dime who might even end up not doing a good job for you

That's not even all....the list is endless

Can you now see that you deserve to get this for yourself without even looking back?


1. The Fast-Typing Formula
Here, you'd learn how to become FAST with typing. Including all the best practices that can help you maintain a great typing speed

2. Document Creation, Editing & Formatting From Scratch
With this, you'd discover how to work on documents using Microsoft Word and Google Docs

3. The Simplified Spreadsheet Usage Guide
In this section, you'd discover how to use Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets for data entry, record and calculations

4. Graphic Design Like a Pro
Inside this class, you'd learn how to craft stunning & attention-grabbing graphics for any purpose even if you have zero prior knowledge and without having to learn complex tools and softwares

5. Presentations & Slideshow Training
This section would show you how to make professional slideshows for any kind of presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides

6. Insiders Emailing Guide
You'd learn all the essentials of emailing and how you can best use it

ONLY Pay N15,000 todaY & Save N14,000 (51.72% OFF)

Click Here To Get Inside

Hold on.....That's not even all yet....
As a bonus, you'd also get:

7. Profitable ideas for milking money (real figures) from the computer skills you'd learn in the program
This would show you some modern & up-to-date ways you can make money using your computer skills

8. Done-for-you challenges to help track or measure your progress and improve on your skill
With this, you'd take up tasks and activities that can help you see how far you've learnt and even make you better

9. Free access to paid/premium tools, resources and softwares
All the PAID tools used in the program would be given to you for FREE!

10. Free access to a paid community for additional support and coaching
Whenever you need help or want to ask questions, the community is your go-to platform

11. Done-for-you computer shortcut commands to increase your computer speed
Here, you'd see all the keyboard shortcuts to use all the time and in different situations so you are never slow on a computer  

ONLY Pay N15,000 todaY & Save N14,000 (51.72% OFF)

Click Here To Get Inside

P.S: Thank you for taking the time to read my piece. It was nice sharing this information with you. I just hope you take it a step further and do something good with it.....Good luck!


Can't I learn all these on Youtube? Why should I get this program?

Youtube is a great tool to get tons of information from but there are 2 reasons why it won't be a good fit for you in this case:

1. With all the thousands of conflicting information out there on youtube, how long do you think it'd take you before you start getting confused...Not too long right? And you'd waste so many hours only to find partial answers that won't exactly help you learn this skill FAST.

2. How do you get answers and support anytime you feel stuck and confused? Youtube doesn't provide that for you but this program does!  

Should I join even if I have zero prior knowledge of computer too?

Yes! This program takes you by the hand right from scratch.

I don't have a laptop/computer yet. Can I still join?

This program is mainly for laptop/desktop use BUT if you don't have at the moment and would soon get one, you can join now at this current amount pending when you get yourself a computer incase the price increases so you don't pay more later.

What does the course actually look like inside?

The course is currently hosted on Selar (a platform that allows us have everything in one place).

This may change later.

Isn't it better to go to a physical computer school to learn all these?

The reason why this is online is so you can take up the course at your own convenience and from your bedroom (even less expensive) instead of the stress with a fixed time & location.

If that sounds interesting, this program is for you.  

What happens when I get stuck or confused?

Again, there is a private community you can ask all your questions whenever you need help and support.

Do I get a certificate at the end of the program?

Yes! A certificate of completion would be offered to you on finishing the program with your name boldly written on it.

How do I get access?

Click the coloured button below and once you pay, you'd be directed on how you can get inside.

ONLY Pay N15,000 todaY & Save N14,000 (51.72% OFF)

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