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Check out this video to see what you’ll be learning.



Rental arbitrage is the practice of signing a long-term lease to rent out a property and then listing it on Airbnb, VRBO, and other sites as a nightly, weekly, or monthly rental.

My name is OKAFOR CHIZOBA also known as STR GENIUS (A senior Arbitrage Finder expert)

When I found my first STR UNIT in January 2023 for a US based Client,

I was a broke guy.

Although the sale was not spectacular, I was immediately hooked and intrigued locating units for STR{ short term rental} for US based clients who are into AIRBNB RENTAL ARBITRAGE, also known as STR FINDING/LOCATING.

Then I came across this article about STR FINDING on the internet. I recognized the huge opportunity right away and took action.

The most appealing aspect of STR FINDING/LOCATING is that you don’t have to know anyone or have multiple skills such as HOW TO RUN FACEBOOK ADS, HOW TO DO NETWORK MARKETING, and so on.

Today, in April 2023, I can say that since my early days as a STR FINDER, I have completed TENS of transactions.

In this TRAINING, I will show you how to create a monthly cash flow in the SIX figures in NAIRA using STR FINDING/LOCATING

Some of you are skeptical, and I agree with you Because When ever any new Opportunity comes, it's natural to feel that way. 

But then Check out what these students of the course are earning

Simply amazing isn't it?

You may believe that LOCATING UNITS{ for airbnb arbitrage}

IN THE US FOR US CLIENTS is impossible or overly complicated.

Perhaps the word alone scares you. I am telling you with certainty and conviction that what is terrifying is being financially useless to your family, not having the money to pay for your debts, groceries and to take care of your parents or loved ones.

Airbnb arbitrage can be a very profitable side business and which is why most of the people into Airbnb Arbitrage are looking for profitable units for the business and puts you as a finder in ways to make tons of dollars, helping clients locating UNITS that has been approved for STR ARBITRAGE.

You can make a lot of money LOCATING/FINDING STR APPROVED UNITS FOR CLIENTS actively using the outbound methods I’ll cover in this Training, a six-figure profit is simple to achieve with little effort.

In this TRAINING, I will go over how you can convince the landlords to rent out their properties to you{finder} in detail, including the math required to handle the process

There are numerous other online business models and coaches available today, teaching “how-to” for a wide range of business endeavors, including SELLING on Amazon(KDP), drop shipping, cryptocurrency, and affiliate marketing. Those efforts are fantastic if you have a lot of money to spend.

No matter who you are, you can make a shit load of money if you follow the steps in the




Aside from receiving this AADM Course, which contains ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING You Need To Know About STR UNIT FINDING/LOCATING, you will also receive the following BONUSES:


    Lifetime Mentorship Access (Value: N400,000)


    Membership in my STR FINDERZ Community (Value: N150,000)


    Top STR UNIT InvestorsAccess to my Telegram channel (Value: N50,000)


Total value of bonuses:



How Much Does It Cost to Enroll in the AIRBNB ARBITRAGE DOLLAR MASTERCLASS?”


Before I reveal the cost,

The decisions you make to change your status are partially determined by what life throws at you (Like opportunities like this)

Let’s talk about… how much you’re investing right now to join The AIRBNB ARBITRAGE DOLLAR MASTERCLASS Mentorship:

If we’re going to charge a reasonable price for this,

It should not be for less than $999. (800k naira)

After all, I have made almost $500 or more in a DAY

But I understand that not everyone who wants to join us today will have $999 to invest right away….

Furthermore, I want to make this as affordable as possible for anyone interested in participating

That's why today, I am making this available for N25,000.

“I’m sure you agree that it only makes sense because you can make 10x the #25,000 on a single contract with a client on property because finders charge $300-$500 per a str unit found/located”.

Long story short, if you put in the effort and properly implement the strategies, you cannot fail.

If you are ready to begin changing your life

Ready to make tons of dollar with STR FINDING/LOCATING

Keep in mind that this could sell for $999.

and remains a steal at this price

In comparison to what this program can accomplish for you.

Whatever you decide… I wish you the best of luck.

Price Shoots Up by 2.5% every 7 days... Next price bump is in...


You missed out!



You may have additional questions, which I have addressed here…


Is a laptop required for this?


 If you don’t have a laptop, you can still do STR LOCATING/FINDING with your phone. You’ll need your phone even if you have a laptop.


 What if I’m a complete novice?


When you buy the AIRBNB ARBITRAGE DOLLAR MASTERCLASS, you’ll get access to a $45 introductory well-detailed pdf material that even a 12-year-old can understand.


What if I work or am a student?


We’ve talked about how to balance work and school with AADM. I, too, am a student.


When will I make my first sale?


I’m confident you’ll make your first sale in your first month.

And I have evidence to back up such a claim.

In fact, many of the testimonials on this page are from inexperienced users.

But I’d be lying if I claimed to know when you’d make your first sale.

The only thing I can guarantee is:

If you concentrate on putting into action (diligently and patiently) what I show you,

You will make a lot of money very quickly!!


 Is the AADM fee the only money I’ll be required to pay?


Yes, it is. You only need the AADM Fee to get started because you’ll be getting VIDEO TRAINING.


How long do you think I’ll need to go through the training before I start implementing them?


 I’d say 2 days…. However, it is entirely up to you

Everything in the AADM Program is simple to grasp…

So, go at your own pace, in my opinion (implementing the steps made available for you inside the program)

And if you have any questions, you can contact me because you will get direct access to me once you purchase this course.


How long will I be able to access this program (and everything else you’ve promised)… When I Sign Up Today??


How does lifetime access sound to you?

Isn’t that good?

Hopefully, these responses were useful.

And if you’re still keen on joining us…

And have the kind of life you’ve always wanted…

You only need to click the button below.

I’ll see you inside.



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